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Here Are Five Legendary Female Gamblers Who Left Their Imprint on Casino History.


In an article by Larrik In Love a number of women have demonstrated their prowess as gamblers throughout history. Who are the most famous female gamblers in casino history, and whose names and accomplishments should be remembered?


The following is a list of some of history’s most well-known female gamblers, some of whom were prominent in the early days of the Wild West poker scene, while others rose to prominence more recently. But, before we go any further, click on this link to learn how you, too, can become a professional gambler without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.


Deno, Lottie


Even though her given name was Carlotta J. Thompkins, she was better known in the gambling industry as Lottie Deno. She was born in Kentucky around the middle of the nineteenth century and became known as the Poker Queen due to her exceptional skill at the card game.


Lottie played poker against some of the most famous players of her era, including the legendary Doc Holliday, whom she is said to have beaten at one point. She developed a reputation as a fearless and skilled poker player, primarily in the states of Texas and New Mexico, where she spent the majority of her time.


She appears to have given up gambling at the end of the nineteenth century and went on to help establish a church in Deming, New Mexico, where she spent the rest of her life content. However, she had already established her reputation as the first woman to have a significant influence in the world of poker, which is dominated by men, at the time.

Dumont, Eleanor


Eleanor Dumont’s favorite form of gambling was blackjack, and it was said that she was one of the most skilled players in the Wild West. The only thing we know about her is that she arrived in Nevada City in 1854, but we don’t know where she came from or whether she was from the United States or France.


She was so skilled at blackjack during the California Gold Rush that she was able to make a living by dealing the game in her successful gambling parlor. Crowds of players would travel long distances to watch her deal cards, which contributed to her growing popularity.


Eleanor was constantly on the move, working as a dealer and gambling in various cities such as Deadwood, Tombstone, and San Francisco. Within the gaming industry, she was respected for her honesty as a dealer and admired for the charismatic presence she brought to the table.


Hubert, Alice


Around the same time as the females who came before her, Alice Hukert was making a name for herself in the gaming world. She was born in London, but moved to the United States when she was a child. Because she is so skilled at poker, she earned the nickname Poker Alice.


Although little information about Alice has survived to the present day, we do know that she was admired for her tenacity and unyielding nature. A woman needed to know how to take care of herself in order to be successful in the male-dominated gambling scene of the time.


According to legend, Alice once shot a man who was acting inappropriately. She is best known for being an exceptionally skilled poker player and dealer who demonstrated that women could be successful in this environment with the right combination of skills and attitude. She demonstrated that with the right combination of skills and attitude, women could succeed in this environment.


Vanessa Self


Vanessa Selbst has established a reputation as the most successful female poker player in the game’s history in recent years. The poker player from the Brooklyn borough is the only woman to have ever risen to the top of the Global Poker Index rankings.


During her career, she won close to $12 million in live poker tournaments and was awarded three World Series of Poker bracelets. Vanessa has not only become the most successful female poker player in the game’s history, but she has also broken into the top 100 earners of all time.


She went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and then Yale University before starting her professional poker career. Her first notable appearance was in the 2006 World Series in Las Vegas, and she went on to appear in over 35 final tables in a variety of tournaments. Her first appearance that drew attention was at the 2006 World Series in Las Vegas.


Bracknell, Kirsten


Kirsten Bracknell, a Canadian native, is a professional poker player who has won over $5 million in live tournaments around the world. She started her career while still in college by playing online poker games. The incredible persistence and consistency with which she played at least seven and a half million poker hands in just three years earned her the title of the poker world’s Ultimate Grinder. Kirsten rose to the top of the poker world after winning the $1,000 Ladies No Limit Hold’em tournament at the World Series of Poker in 2013. As a result, she received more than $173,000 in prize money, which she quickly added to with other outstanding wins in the years that followed, propelling her to the top of the list of highest earners.


She went on to win significant amounts of money in the years that followed, and she was the highest-ranked female poker player that year. She won her third World Series of Poker bracelet in an online tournament in 2020, and she shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.