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Manga – short history

If you look back at American and Western culture, comic books have been around for a long time, but only started to become popular (even mainstream) around the 1950s. The same applies to Eastern culture including Japan and China. In Japan comics and cartoons loosely called manga, which is literally translated as “strange images”.

Manga is often mistaken for anime, which is similar but different. Short anime for animation and is a kind of manga subset that is more related to film. Even though of course โดจิน two forms have influenced and feed each other.

Just like comic strips have many applications in Western culture, manga has various uses in Eastern culture and regularly touch sports, romance, history, science fiction, business world, horror and politics and can be found in whatever Japanese life.

In recent years Manga has become great in America and online. In 2006, Wikipedia reported that the market A.S. For manga it takes around $ 200 million. Whereas during the 70s Japan only has a small influence on American cartoons (speed racers, etc.), now many mainstream cartoons show direct influence (Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, etc.).

When the manga expands and becomes more and more popular and cross cultural style and set of new parts appear. You may have heard of Chibis, which is a stylish manga character, or version-Q, Chinese style where real life images are given in cartoon charicles. Because this style popularity increases inside